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20 Reasons You Have Cramps But No Period

20 Reasons You Have Cramps But No Period

Period cramps are one of many terrible unwanted effects of menstruating, however cramping with out getting a interval is in some way extra irritating. Cramps can come from a wide range of causes and may be unhealthy sufficient to influence you for days on finish due to the ache.

If this ache is one thing you cope with regularly, you is perhaps used to it and have already got an concept of why these pangs are radiating by means of your physique. However, for some folks, cramping with out getting a interval is usually a new (and horrible) expertise that is a little bit of a thriller. If you have ever discovered your self questioning why you are feeling like you could have your interval however there is no blood, you are not alone. We spoke with an ob-gyn to get some solutions about why you are getting interval cramps, however no interval and learn how to deal with the ache.

Why Do I Have Period Cramps however No Period?

Cramping with out having a interval can come from a variety of issues, some extra regarding than others. “Some causes could also be pure or regular,” Alessandra M. Taylor, MD, an ob-gyn based mostly in Austin, TX, tells POPSUGAR. “Other causes could also be extra severe and ought to be mentioned with a physician.” Below are a few of the commonest causes.


Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, because it’s extra broadly identified, is actually a cluster of signs that may occur forward of menstruation. This contains belly cramping, amongst different signs, which may final wherever from a few days to 2 weeks earlier than your menstrual cycle, Wendy Goodall McDonald, MD, beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. If you are cramping however haven’t got your interval but, it may very well be an indication that it is coming.


Ovulation is the “section within the menstrual cycle the place your ovary releases an egg,” per the Cleveland Clinic. This normally occurs on day 14 of a 28-day cycle and may generally be accompanied by ovulation ache (also referred to as mittelschmerz) that may really feel like boring cramps or a pointy ache, Marco Mouanness, MD, an ob-gyn and fertility knowledgeable on the Rejuvenating Fertility Center beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. Some sufferers may even expertise ovulation ache that feels just like menstrual cramps. The Mayo Clinic additionally notes that this discomfort is often skilled on one side of the lower abdomen.

Birth Control

Birth management can, in truth, trigger cramping, particularly when you’re beginning a brand new model or methodology. Dr. Taylor notes that new contraception strategies can result in delicate cramping, but it surely should not final lengthy and can change as your physique adjusts to the brand new contraception. This may be the case with the tablet, an IUD, or different contraception strategies. If you begin a brand new contraception methodology and cramps persist, let your physician know and contemplate altering contraception strategies beneath their steerage.


Your period-like cramps may truly be an indication of constipation. It’s not unusual to expertise sharp fuel pains once you’re backed up, per Johns Hopkins Medicine. You may discover that you just really feel bloated and overly full. Fortunately, most situations of constipation may be addressed with life-style adjustments, like growing fiber consumption, and if it nonetheless persists, a physician could prescribe laxatives.


If you could have belly ache that lasts greater than three months, irritable bowel syndrome is perhaps the trigger. “It’s the most typical GI situation gastroenterologists see and probably the most widespread seen by primary-care medical doctors,” Shanti Eswaran, MD, a gastroenterologist on the University of Michigan Health System, beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. Oftentimes IBS can be accompanied by signs of fuel, diarrhea, and/or constipation.


Endometriosis is a situation that impacts as much as 10 % of individuals with uteruses who’re of reproductive age, in response to the World Health Organization. Cramps associated to endometriosis are normally extremely painful and shouldn’t be ignored. If you discover that you just’re having cramps across the time of your interval or throughout your interval which are prohibiting you from doing common actions like going to work or exercising, then “it is not ‘regular’ interval ache,” Hugh Taylor, MD, professor and chair of obstetrics at Yale University School of Medicine beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. You ought to all the time see a healthcare supplier when cramps are critically painful, Dr. Taylor explains.


If you are experiencing interval pains however no interval, the very first thing it’s possible you’ll be questioning is, “Am I pregnant?” And the reply is perhaps. Non-period-related cramping is related to an early signal of being pregnant referred to as implantation bleeding, or mild recognizing that happens when a fertilized egg “crops” or attaches itself to the uterine lining, per the Mayo Clinic.

Ovarian Cysts

An ovarian cyst is actually a development that has developed on or inside your ovaries. “Women with ovarian cysts can haven’t any signs, ache resembling a lightweight strain, or heaviness on one aspect or each side of their decrease stomach, whichever aspect(s) the cysts are on,” Sophia Yen, an MD, MPH, and CEO of Pandiahealth.com, a subscription contraception supply firm, beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. “Because the ovaries are situated within the decrease abs, this implies you’ll almost definitely really feel ache beneath your stomach button and pelvis.” If your cramps really feel like this, it may very well be an indication that you just’re experiencing ovarian cysts and will have to see a physician to find out your subsequent course of therapy.


Appendicitis, a sort of irritation of the appendix, may be marked by a bunch of signs, however probably the most widespread ones is a sudden ache that begins on the suitable aspect of the decrease stomach, per the Mayo Clinic. If your period-like cramps really feel like this or are accompanied by the next signs listed by the Mayo Clinic it is most likely time to see a physician:

  • Pain that worsens when you cough, stroll, or make different jarring actions
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of urge for food
  • Low-grade fever that will worsen because the sickness progresses
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Flatulence

Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract an infection (UTI) is a sort of bacterial an infection that’s normally marked by the nonstop urge to pee. But UTIs additionally trigger ache or burning when urinating, smelly or cloudy urine, and strain within the decrease stomach, which you’ll be experiencing as period-like cramps. Fortunately, most UTIs may be handled rapidly, and generally even with out using antibiotics. That being stated, when you assume your cramps are a symptom of a UTI, be certain that to observe how lengthy it lasts and what different signs are accompanying your cramps. Fever, ache within the higher again or neck, or blood within the urine may very well be an indication that the an infection has impacted your kidneys.


Stress is a strong emotion that may manifest within the physique in a variety of methods. According to UChicago Medicine, stress and anxiousness can truly be the reason for abdomen ache and different gastrointestinal signs — which you’ll be experiencing as cramps.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is a hormonal dysfunction that ends in excessive quantities of androgen (a intercourse hormone), which may trigger zits, extra facial- and body-hair development, and weight achieve along with irregular intervals, Paula Amato, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. PCOS may end in anovulation, or when the physique goes by means of all of the signs of ovulation with out releasing an egg, per the Cleveland Clinic. This signifies that you will not get your interval, however the physique can nonetheless expertise these unwelcome cramps.


Fibroids are one other kind of development that tends to happen within the uterus. Symptoms of uterine fibroids can vary from nothing in any respect to extreme unwanted effects like heavy menstrual bleeding or an unpredictable cycle, pelvic strain, a bloated stomach, weak bladder management or frequent urination, constipation, ache throughout intercourse, and average to extreme menstrual cramping. “Unlike regular interval cramps, the cramps brought on by fibroids may be extreme, worsen over time, and happen even when you do not have your interval,” in response to the USA Fibroid Centers.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

If you have handled painful interval cramps earlier than, then it’s possible you’ll be desensitized to cramps on the whole. But ache in your decrease stomach is nothing to brush off, and may truly be an indication of pelvic inflammatory illness (PID). The situation is mostly brought on by sexually transmitted infections and signs can vary from delicate and unnoticeable to extreme together with, “pelvic and decrease belly ache, unexplained fevers, irregular bleeding, bleeding with intercourse, ache with intercourse, chills, ache with urination, a persistent foul-smelling vaginal discharge, and vomiting,” Sherry Ross, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn and co-founder of URJA Intimates beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. If left untreated, PID could cause scarring of the fallopian tubes and harm to the ovaries, along with infertility, abscesses, and ectopic pregnancies — which is why it is so vital to flag PID signs to your healthcare supplier and prioritize STI testing.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a typical an infection of the vagina that outcomes from a pH imbalance. This imbalance could cause a sequence of uncomfortable signs, from irregular discharge to menstrual-like cramps.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are generally marked by thick, white discharge and intense itching. But they will additionally end in ache in your pelvis or decrease belly space.

Thyroid Problems

Your thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland chargeable for producing the thyroid hormone, is a crucial a part of your physique’s metabolism — from regulating how briskly you burn energy to how briskly your coronary heart beats, in response to the Office on Women’s Health. When your thyroid is thrown off (assume: resulting from a situation like Hashimoto’s), your menstrual cycle can get somewhat wonky, inflicting missed intervals regardless of having period-like signs, together with cramps.

Uterine Polyps

Typically uterine polyps are related to signs like vaginal bleeding after menopause, bleeding between intervals, frequent or unpredictable intervals, and infertility, per the Mayo Clinic. But in some situations, these growths connected to the uterus may trigger period-like cramping even once you’re not in your interval, in response to the Cleveland Clinic, which describes them as a “boring aching in your stomach or decrease again.”

Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis is a sort of bladder syndrome that’s usually related to urinary tract signs like having to pee urgently and regularly. It’s additionally not unusual for folks with interstitial cystitis to expertise “discomfort, strain, tenderness or ache within the bladder, decrease stomach, and pelvic space,” in response to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


Miscarriage is, sadly, a typical a part of being pregnant for many individuals. While some are thought-about “missed” miscarriages, that means they trigger no bleeding, ache, or different signs, others can embody signs like bleeding and ache in early being pregnant, Khaled Zeitoun, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn beforehand instructed POPSUGAR. This ache can truly resemble menstrual-like cramping which may be very complicated. A health care provider might help decide the precise explanation for your cramps and one of the best therapy plan.

At What Point Should I Be Concerned About Prolonged Cramping?

“If the cramps final for lengthy intervals of time, are extraordinarily painful and never relieved by over-the-counter ache medicines, or when you’re experiencing different signs resembling a fever or vomiting, it’s best to speak to your physician,” Dr. Taylor says. The size of time can differ based mostly in your physique, and you already know your self finest. Check in with your self and make your finest judgment name on when the cramping will get to be an excessive amount of. If you repeatedly expertise cramping whereas not in your interval — maybe from constipation or ovulation — contemplate calling the physician if it goes on longer than normal. If cramping whereas not in your interval is extraordinarily uncommon for you, it’s possible you’ll wish to name the physician sooner reasonably than later.

How Can I Alleviate Cramps at Home?

If your cramps are manageable, taking over-the-counter ache relievers like an ibuprofen ought to assist clear them up. These ache relievers will assist low-grade ache so long as it is not from a deeper concern. Using a heating pad on the world that is cramping may assist alleviate ache from cramps. If you attempt these pain-relief strategies to no avail, it might imply your cramps are stemming from a extra severe concern or situation, through which case, it is time to name the physician.

— Additional reporting by Alexis Jones

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