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31 Dinner Ideas for Hot Summer Nights

31 Dinner Ideas for Hot Summer Nights

There’s a lot to like about summer time: the straightforward, breezy, carefree days, the extra hours of sunshine, and naturally, some much-needed vacay. What I like rather less, after all, are the scorching sizzling, three-digit temps. June by means of August (and in some locations, September) isn’t any time to be turning on the oven. So after all, I’ve saved the perfect dinner concepts for sizzling summer time nights high of thoughts. What I’ve discovered is quite a lot of mouth-watering dishes that don’t require hours within the kitchen. Score!

As a self-professed, baking-obsessed hobbyist, I mourn the flexibility to get inventive with all my favourite consolation meals. But, in recent times, I’ve discovered to simply accept the climate as it’s and make do with a couple of go-to no cook dinner summer time meals saved securely up my sleeve. And whereas sandwiches and salads are vital components of the round-up to observe, the enjoyable doesn’t cease there.

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31 Dinner Ideas for Hot Summer Nights

I shook the web the wrong way up to search out all the perfect recent and flavor-packed dinner concepts for sizzling summer time nights that take advantage of in-season summer produce. Get ready for vibrant color, delicious crunch, and everything that’ll make your warm-weather dining dreams come true. So turn up the AC and let’s get to some (no-cook) summer cooking!

These dinner ideas for hot summer nights are the ideal way to beat the heat and enjoy your summer nights—happily out of the kitchen.

Sides and Salads

Ricotta with Pears and Honeyed Pistachios

Why We Love It: This simple board with ricotta cheese and fresh pears is absolutely delicious and aesthetically pleasing. The sweet and rich ricotta pairs perfectly with fresh fruit, and the nuttiness from the pistachios is a savory finishing touch.

Hero Ingredient: Honeyed pistachios may just be my topping of the summer.

Grapefruit, Avocado, and Golden Beet Salad with Crunchy Chickpeas and Feta

Why We Love It: This salad is the perfect blend of tangy, juicy, and crunchy. With all of the delicious fruit packed into this summer salad, feta acts as a simple moderator, allowing you to hone in on each individual flavor. Although this salad takes a few more steps than your average Caesar salad, the end result is definitely worth the effort.

Hero Ingredient: Again: feta brings this bowl together.

Watermelon Chopped Greek Salad

Why We Love It: Greek salads are the ultimate summer side dish, and this recipe is no exception. Out of all the dinner ideas for hot summer nights we’ve rounded up, this might just be the best. (Though the final call is up to you.) Juicy watermelon is a refreshing complement to crunchy cucumbers and sweet tomatoes. Top this salad off with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of honey to enhance your tangy and sweet flavors.

Hero Ingredient: Fresh mint goes a long way in this salad.

Easy Bruschetta

Why We Love It: I’m a sucker for bruschetta on a hot summer day, and it just doesn’t get easier to enjoy it than with this recipe. With under ten ingredients, you have a simple and balanced snack or side dish to fuel all your summer fun.

Hero Ingredient: Cherry tomatoes are a must-have for juicy and flavorful bruschetta.

White Bean Radicchio Salad

Why We Love It: If you haven’t yet hopped on the radicchio train, now’s your chance. This salad is a true stunner, filled with a variety of different ingredients that curate an appetizing, texture-filled bowl.

Hero Ingredient: Radicchio, it’s your time to shine!

Mexican Chopped Salad

Why We Love It: This Mexican chopped salad can easily be thrown together with ingredients you likely have in the fridge or pantry. The recipe is bound together with a honey-shallot dressing, which can be used and stored for all your summer salad recipes. Dinner ideas for hot summer nights on the fly? Brilliant.

Hero Ingredient: Chickpeas are a great addition to any salad.

Chaat Masala Citrus Salad

Why We Love It: While winter is technically when citrus is at its best, this salad packs so much additional flavor that you’ll love it in the summer, too. It’s proof that when you combine deliciousness with gorgeous presentation, beautiful things can happen. With just a few ingredients tossed together, you have a meal that’s far greater than the sum of its parts.

Hero Ingredient: With a mix of multi-colored citrus (cara cara and blood oranges, plus the prettiest grapefruits you can find), you can easily create a dynamic meal.

Papdi Chaat

Why We Love It: Camille Styles Food Editor, Suruchi swears by this dish as a simple, streamlined, and make-ahead possibility for any summer time gathering. In her phrases, “It’s the crispy candy, spicy, and tangy appetizer you’ve been trying for!” I couldn’t agree extra.

Hero Ingredient: Store-bought mint, cilantro, and tamarind chutney allow you to assemble this dish in minutes. A win for any banquet planner.

Antipasto Salad From Well Plated

Why We Love It: Think salads can’t function a hearty and full (to not point out scrumptious) meal? Think once more. I take a unfastened method to defining what constitutes a salad, and should you agree {that a} numerous array of ingredient goodness suits the invoice, then this filling and flavorful antipasto salad is correct up your alley. I’m in love with something that may be described as a cheeseboard in salad kind.

Hero Ingredient: Luxury is a half-cup of salty, briny olives tossed into your summer time salad.

Jicama Salad from Three Ways From Alison Wu

Why We Love It: If you haven’t loved the magic of jicama but, begin with this salad. Native to Mexico, it’s simply now starting to realize traction within the United States, and I’m right here for the hype. Jicama is by some means each crunchy and juicy, candy and nutty. The closest factor I can evaluate it to is a pear, however belief me: it’s a lot extra. These three recipes showcase jicama at its most interesting, pairing the foundation veggie with a medley of fruits, herbs, citruses, and spice. The choices for deliciousness abound.

Hero Ingredient: It must be jicama.

Tomato Salad From The Modern Proper

Why We Love It: If we discovered something from the tomato toast recipe above, it’s that whenever you’re fortunate sufficient to be working with an ingredient at its most interesting, let it shine. Case in level, this pile-up of good tomatoes. With nothing past a easy dressing to enrich their taste, the ruby purple cherry tomatoes are displayed at their sweetest, and arguably, greatest.

Hero Ingredient: While I can get pleasure from cherry tomatoes straight off the vine, this recipe is only a tad fancier, making them match for a summer time banquet facet.

Shaved Zucchini Salad With Plums, Herbs & Almonds from The First Mess

Why We Love It: No, I’ll by no means agree that zoodles are an appropriate substitute for creamy, buttery noodles. But when recipes let zucchini take the stage as precisely what it’s (re: a scrumptious summer time veggie), then you definately higher consider I’m on board. This salad is a research in contrasting textures. With the squash’s recent taste, a contact of creaminess from the cheese, and the almonds’ crunch, you may wager this salad satisfies.

Hero Ingredient: While this recipe calls for golden plums, any juicy, summery stone fruit will deliver the sweetness that seals the deal on this salad.

Asian Cucumber Salad with Chili and Garlic From Lindsey Eats

Why We Love It: I like snappy, spicy sides which might be dominated by one in all my favourite veggies. Yes, cucumbers may be a humble possibility, however when thinly sliced and paired with a zippy dressing that is aware of the advantage of a little bit acidity, a tasty deal with ensues.

Hero Ingredient: If you’re not about warmth, ditch the pepper. But, should you fall laborious for something that packs a spicy punch, the Fresno or, alternatively, birds eye chili, brings stunning taste to your total dish.

Pastas and Bowls

Build-Your-Own Soba Noodle Bowls

Why We Love It: A bowl night is a great night, especially with a house full of picky eaters. These soba noodle bowls can be filled and topped with a variety of ingredients—like crispy tofu and crunchy walnuts—that will keep everyone full and happy.

Hero Ingredient: Soba noodles are where the best bowls begin!

Thai Chicken Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing

Why We Love It: I’ve been a fan of Thai peanut dressing for years, and this recipe is the perfect chance to try it if you haven’t! This twist on a chicken salad is filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients to help you recharge after a day in the sun.

Hero Ingredient: Roasted peanuts are a must-have added crunch to this chicken salad.

Mediterranean Grain Bowl

Why We Love It: I’ve spent countless hours curating bowls with healthier ingredients—it’s kind of my favorite pasttime. As the base, this bowl uses quinoa as a rice alternative for an added protein that pairs well with plenty of toppings like black olives and cherry tomatoes.

Hero Ingredient: Quinoa can basically do it all.

Hummus, Greens, & Avo Bowl

Why We Love It: Hummus is one of my favorite dip options to put on the table during the summer. With fiber and protein, it’s a great addition to any bowl or dish or to enjoy on its own with carrots or celery. Paired with a delicious vinegarette and a variety of textured toppings, this bowl uses nutrient-filled ingredients like kale and broccolini to create the green bowl of your dreams.

Hero Ingredient: Jammy, fried, or hard-boiled—however you prep them, eggs are another great topping option to add to your bowl.

Mango & Coconut Soba Noodle Salad

Why We Love It: There’s just something about the mango/coconut flavor combination that screams summer. This salad is tropical paradise in a bowl and doesn’t lack filling ingredients or bold flavors. The honey lime Thai dressing is to die for, and I love throwing it on any other bowl recipes I may come up with throughout the summer.

Hero Ingredient: Garnish with toasted coconut and a fresh squeeze of lime.

Spring Pasta Salad

Why We Love It: Pasta or salad? We simply can’t decide which bowl takes the cake for the best side dish of the summer. When I hear the expression “food is fuel,” I think of dishes like this pasta salad. It’s the perfect blend of healthy carbs and nutrient-filled greens.

Hero Ingredient: A bit of parmesan cheese supplies the richness this pasta salad needs.

Burgers and Sandwiches

Sweet Potato Falafel Veggie Burgers

Why We Love It: Sweet potatoes are one of my year-round kitchen staple ingredients. A lighter alternative if red meat burgers aren’t your jam, these sweet potato falafel burgers are a great vegetarian option for pool parties or backyard barbecues.

Hero Ingredient: Don’t worry, even without any meat in sight these burgers still deliver plenty of protein. You have the chickpeas to thank for that.

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Why We Love It: Chicken salad has always been one of my go-to meals when I’m not quite sure what to cook. This meatless version of a classic recipe can be eaten alone or thrown together between two slices of sourdough or whole wheat.

Hero Ingredient: A squeeze of Dijon mustard lends the perfect amount of subtle, tangy heat.

Carne Asada Tacos

Why We Love It: Carne Asada is a dish that didn’t exist in my kitchen until I moved to Texas—but needless to say, I’ve been changed since trying this recipe. These beautifully grilled, tender slices of meat are marinated to perfection in a blend with ingredients including honey, soy sauce, chili powder, and cilantro.

Hero Ingredient: Flank steak is a must for juicy, tender tacos. Plus, compared to other cuts, it’s a great affordable option if you’re serving a larger crowd.

Grilled Yogurt-Marinated Chicken with All the Herbs

Why We Love It: If you haven’t tried marinating your chicken with yogurt, summer’s the best time to start. The marinade creates a juicy, flavor-infused chicken breast with zesty lemon and lime and a bit of sweetness from the honey.

Hero Ingredient: Full-fat, plain Greek yogurt is the way to go.

Sriracha Tempeh Spring Rolls

Why We Love It: These spring rolls are the perfect combination of hot and sweet. With delicious tempeh smothered in a honey sriracha sauce, simply roll your protein with veggies of your choice in rice paper and enjoy!

Hero Ingredient: Rice noodles bulk up these spring rolls with a delicious, filling texture.

Chicken Burger Lettuce Wraps

Why We Love It: These wraps are my go-to summer lunch solution. I love how the cool, crisp lettuce provides a contrasting crunch to the herby chicken burgers. If you really want to step it up, enjoy some mint tzatziki on the side.

Hero Ingredient: A teaspoon of curry powder gives your burgers a surprising but welcome touch of warmth.

Club Sandwich with Pesto Mayonnaise From The Modern proper

Why We Love It: In my world, BLTs are the proper sandwich. They mix a little bit fatty richness with fruity, recent taste. This model is a slight (however vital) step up. If you’re in want of a simple, however oh-so-satisfying lunch choice to hold in your weekday repertoire, this membership sammie masterpiece is it. I’ll assure you’ve most, if not all, of the substances available already.

Hero Ingredient: You had me at pesto mayonnaise.

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