Before and After—Step Inside Our New Home Office (Video Tour!) - Indoors Beauty

Before and After—Step Inside Our New Home Office (Video Tour!)

Before and After—Step Inside Our New Home Office (Video Tour!)

Today, I’m excited to disclose an area in our home that I’ve by no means really proven you guys earlier than. Up till now, it’s been my least favourite room in our house. Welcome to our house workplace! Aka that one room in the home the place we threw all of the stuff we didn’t know what to do with. But not! After being in our home for over a decade, Adam and I made a decision it was lastly time to indicate this room some love and remodel it from a cramped, awkward room into one the place we might be inventive, have conferences, and collaborate on Casa Zuma collectively.

As a lot of , we constructed our home 13 years in the past. It’s a endless challenge (which is how we prefer it), and we’re hitting that point once we naturally need to give some areas of the home a clean up. We’ve developed and our style has developed together with it—however the problem is to replace our house in ways in which make sense as an funding and don’t completely blow our funds.

Layout challenges

This house workplace area has all the time been one in every of our most difficult areas. First, the format makes it tough—every of the partitions has both a door (to the lavatory or a closet) or a window that faces the entrance of the home, and it feels a bit awkward to have the desk sitting in entrance of any of those areas.

We additionally put in a whole lot of built-ins within the room in an effort to create a whole lot of storage. While we did accomplish that aim, the permanency of built-in cabinets and cabinetry restricted how a lot we may rearrange the room.

How we use this space

Adam and I use this space to meet with each other and people we’re working with, brainstorm projects we’re working on together, and this is also the space that Adam uses for his zoom calls every day. (You guys may remember that I do my solo work and zoom calls my calls in the little front alcove office off our kitchen.)

First, we rearranged the room

The biggest change we made to this room was reorienting where the desk was. We’ve always had it at one end of the narrow room, which didn’t foster any type of collaboration. Only one person could use the desk at a time, and the sunlight was so harsh coming in through the window that we always had to keep the shade down to minimize glare (which made the room feel like a cave.)

So, we decided to move the desk to the center of the room and it changed everything. In this new configuration, the desk feels more like a worktable. It’s way more collaborative, and the room itself just feels more open and expansive. I love when the biggest change to a space is the one that cost zero dollars.

Built-in shelving: pros and cons

Let’s start by talking about the built-ins. Although they did present some challenges to rearranging this space, they do have their pro’s. So rather than ripping them out and starting from scratch, we decided to lean into what was already in the space and see if we could make them over with simplified styling. Here are the details on these shelves and cabinets:

Shelf styling 101

As mentioned, we kept the built-in shelves and gave them new life simply by changing up the styling and what we put on them. In general, I think the biggest hurdle with open shelving is overcoming the temptation to clutter them up with lots of stuff. So the first thing I always do is remove everything. Then I can take a fresh look and decide what I really want to add to the shelves.

For this space, I focused mainly on design books that would creatively inspire us, plus samples and prototypes that we’re working on for Casa Zuma products. I did my best to keep the shelves minimal and streamlined, since I want this space to feel really airy and calm.

A unique home office desk—and the perfect chair

This “desk” is actually a teak dining table from Crate and Barrel that we’ve had forever, proving—it pays to think beyond traditional “office furniture” when designing a home office space. Peruse dining tables and dining chairs from your favorite retailers for outside-the-box options that may fit better with your aesthetic.

I’m obsessed with this desk chair from Lulu and Georgia. It is so chic, and perfectly marries functionality and ergonomics with beautiful design. It’s super comfy.

Window shades and curtains

I get tons of questions from you guys about our window treatments, and I’m not surprised—curtains and shades are one of those design decisions that can get really confusing. All of the window treatments in our home are from Graber, and I shared all about them in this Window Treatment Do’s and Don’t’s article awhile back.

Here was the challenge in our home office space: we love having lots of natural light, and also wanted a clear view to the front yard to see when people drive up. But when we’re doing a lot of computer work or on a Zoom call, we need some light filtering to minimize glare on his screen. So, we went with a two-part solution:

First we installed sheer curtains that let in tons of light. One design trick is to install the curtain rod a few inches higher and wider than the window frame itself—it makes the window look bigger, and you can pull the drapery fully back to let as much light in as possible. 

Next, shades. If you work on a computer a lot like we do, it’s important to minimize glare on the screen, especially in the afternoon when the sunlight shines directly through the window. So we needed a way to block the light without making this room feel like a cave. These solar shades are made to permit gentle to filter into the room, however they block out the tough gentle that creates a glare.

Shop our workplace with an unique low cost

Since most of the new gadgets in our workplace area are from Lulu and Georgia, the model shared an unique low cost code only for you guys so you’ll be able to store these items for your self. Get 15% off with the code CAMILLESTYLES15.


And in case you have questions on something on this area, head on over to the video tour on Youtube and drop a remark—I’ll be answering them throughout there!

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