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Bloating Before a Period: Causes and Remedies

Bloating Before a Period: Causes and Remedies

Period bloating may be so uncomfortable. Right earlier than that point of the month enters my life, I discover myself desirous to put on every little thing and something dishevelled, as my abdomen appears like an inflated water balloon that is begging for somebody to make it pop. It’s simply one in every of many PMS signs that make you need to keep in mattress and hug a pillow, making it laborious to operate earlier than your menstrual cycle begins.

But currently, I’ve discovered myself coping with excessive bloating earlier than my interval questioning why it is occurring and what on this planet I can do to cease it. If you’ve got handled pre-period bloating earlier than, then you definately’ve most likely had the identical query. Here’s what specialists should say about bloating earlier than a interval and find out how to cut back interval bloating.

Bloating Before a Period? Here’s What’s Causing It

According to the Mayo Clinic, bloating a week earlier than your interval of even simply a few days forward of it’s utterly regular. In truth, it is attributable to water retention, brought on by fluctuations in your hormones. But it may also be triggered by your weight loss plan.

“Most girls who menstruate expertise signs comparable to bloating one to 2 days earlier than the beginning of their durations,” the Mayo Clinic states. “Others recurrently expertise signs through the 5 days earlier than their durations that intervene with a few of their regular actions. This known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS).”

“After you’ve got ovulated mid cycle, you might discover your stomach beginning to bloat considerably. This tends to extend as you get nearer to your interval,” says Ann Mullen, director of well being schooling at Cycle Technologies.

Mullen shared that about 5 days earlier than your interval, it is regular for bloating to extend day-to-day and then peak on the primary day of menstruation. After the following few days of your interval, the water retention ought to decline and your tummy ought to flatten.

How to Reduce Period Bloating

Your hormones will fluctuate whether or not you need them to or not. But a technique you possibly can battle the bloat is to make small adjustments to your weight loss plan to reduce premenstrual water retention, in keeping with Samantha Salmon, a licensed holistic well being coach and the creator of “You Can Afford to Be Healthy.”

So does that imply we should always ditch PMS consolation meals like pizza and ice cream? Salmon stated sure. “Eating a number of fruits and greens, particularly potassium-rich meals (darkish leafy greens, candy potatoes, and bananas) and diuretics (ginger, pineapple, and cucumber), assist to alleviate the bloat,” Salmon stated. “Exercising, ingesting a number of water, and avoiding processed meals can even assist.”

Avoiding salt may help too, per the Mayo Clinic, since salt forces your physique to retain water, which is why you would possibly need to put the chips, processed meals, and quick meals apart earlier than that point of the month.

The Mayo Clinic additionally suggests magnesium dietary supplements (with a physician’s session) and water tablets (diuretics), prescription medicines that may assist cut back fluid buildup. Just you should definitely chat together with your physician about different medicines that you just’re recurrently taking. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs), specifically, like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (like Aleve) when taken with diuretics may cause kidney harm.

Another helpful tip to remain on prime of your bloating is to trace your signs. “It’s a good thought to trace your signs over the whole cycle so that you just begin to acknowledge your personal sample and study what to anticipate and what’s regular for you,” Mullen stated. A interval tracker may be a useful device for this so you realize when to count on the bloating. Keeping a symptom diary can even assist your medical doctors “affirm that your signs are associated to your menstrual cycle, fairly than different causes,” the Mayo Clinic states.

Ultimately, bloating earlier than a interval is totally regular. But with these small way of life changes and ideas, hopefully you possibly can reduce your water retention and cut back bloating as soon as and for all. And if bloating continues to be a concern of yours or turns into painful, you should definitely seek the advice of your physician to allow them to assess the signs, rule out different situations, and decide the most effective therapy, per Mayo Clinic.

— Additional reporting by Alexis Jones

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