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The Best Natural Deodorant for Women, As Tested by Our Editors

The Best Natural Deodorant for Women, As Tested by Our Editors

My hunt for the very best pure deodorant for girls has been a years-long journey. Truly. I think about I’m finest remembered at my former job for making everybody in my workplace “pod” take a look at a pure deodorant for 5 days straight. People had been disgruntled—and fairly frankly, a lot of them smelled—however we did discover a few winners (specifically Schmidt’s and White Rock Soap Gallery’s Activated Charcoal Deodorant).

That was again in 2019. Since then, an increasing number of manufacturers have entered the race to create the one really nice pure deodorant. Because whereas there’s nonetheless no science to suggest that aluminum results in Alzheimer’s or most cancers, the thought of a wholesome pit microbiome (one with no blocked pores or chemical compounds) stays alluring.

So I polled my coworkers once more (they’d their very own journeys to share) and compelled myself to strive a bevy of buzzy natch deodorants for the previous few weeks. (I’ve been transferring from one Texas residence within the late-spring warmth to a different, so I’m actually placing them to the take a look at.) May the freshness be with you.

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The Best Natural Deodorants for Women

For weeks, I tested out some of the trendiest natural deodorants of 2023 and put them to work in heated Corepower Yoga classes, moving boxes in the Texas heat, and more laid-back, siting-at-my-desk-for-hours days. Ahead, I share my experience, starting with my favorite deodorant and working down from there.

Every product is curated with care by our editors and we’ll always give an honest opinion, whether gifted or purchased ourselves. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Best Overall: Nez

OK… this is the stuff. No irritation; not much stickiness (there’s always going to be some stickiness with natural deodorant); and genuinely good scents. But what makes the newly launced Nez winner is how truly interchangeable it felt with my Dove. I would actually feel comfortable wearing it to yoga class—and a heated yoga class at that!

I ordered the variety pack, which includes two “bright” and “smoky” formulas tailor-made for three different scenarios. “Date ready” is made with charcoal to avoid white streaks.  “Board meeting” is crafted with bentonite clay to manage work-related sweat. And the hardest working one of all, “Workout sesh,” is made with zinc and bamboo for maximum sweat absorption.

What’s to Love: Everything, but particularly the scents.

What’s Not to Love: Honestly nothing. This stuff is great.

This was definitely a contender for number one. It dries quickly, has a nice earthy modern scent to it, and comes in beautiful packaging. It also held its ground during an intense workout class. But it did often leave my pits feeling a bit itchy and wet. For that, it falls to number two.

What’s to Love: The natural skincare brand Salt & Stone is known for its intoxicating scents, and the deodorant I tried did not disappoint in that category. I love that it’s packed with probiotics and hyaluronic acid for a balanced armpit microbiome.

What’s Not to Love: My pits didn’t take to it as much as I would have hoped. Still, it’s one of the better natural deodorants I’ve ever tried.

I’m a big fan of By Rosie Jane’s clean fragrances, so I was excited to see the perfumer’s ingredient transparency extended to a natural deodorant. I opted for the invigorating “Wake the F*uck Up” with lemon verbena and eucalyptus (as opposed to the lavender-infused alternative, “Calm the F*ck Down”) which arrived in a gorgeous glass bottle for just $15. (Refills are available on the By Rosie Jane website.)

I don’t like my deodorant to feel wet going on, so all sprays are an immediate uphill battle, but By Rosie Jane’s deodorant dried quickly and left a lovely essential oil smell. You need to continue to spritz your pits throughout the day, which is fine if you’re working at a desk or aren’t doing anything too active. Also, this natural deodorant gets bonus points for actually calming some pit itchiness, likely due to the glycerin and organic aloe vera.  

Ultimately, it’s a nice, natural alternative for days you aren’t exerting yourself much.

What’s to Love: The aromatic essential oil blend actually calmed some pit itchiness I had pre-deodorant.

What’s Not to Love: You have to reapply throughout the day to keep the good scent going. This is also not the deodorant you want to rely on for strenuous activities.

This one was just fine. I’ve docked it a few points for how rough it felt swiping on. (There are a lot of concerns people have when making the switch to natural deodorant, but my biggest fear is itchy pits.) Over time, my skin didn’t become quite as irritated as I expected, but I never felt as safe from creating a cloud of stink as I did with my favorites.

What’s to Love: The price. Crystal has a competitive edge in this category. And the lavender scent was beautiful.

What’s Not to Love: It goes on a bit scratchy.

I’d heard great things about Ursa Major and its kaolin clay, but after putting it to the test on a particularly stressful workday, I was disappointed (in more ways than one) to find myself pretty smelly by early afternoon. It was also one of the biggest white streak perpetrators of the bunch.

What’s to Love: It smells and feels fantastic going on.

What’s Not to Love: It left my pits feeling pretty moist and irritated, the latter of which may have been caused by the baking soda in the formula.

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Camille Styles Editors Share Their Natural Deodorant Stories

Athena Club Grapefruit Spritz All Day Deo

What’s to Love: Come for the lovable packaging, keep for the sunshine however vibrant summery scent. And after all, don’t overlook the all-day efficacy. I’ve subjected my associate to many pure deodorant trials and tribulations, however this was the primary one the place (with out my prompting), he mentioned: “Wow, Isabelle you truly odor nice.” Beyond the scent, I really like that the method is plant-based, cruelty-free, and doesn’t depart any white streaks. It checks all my containers.

What’s Not to Love: While that is nice for on a regular basis use, I want one thing just a little stronger after I’m going for an extended stroll or bike trip. I haven’t discovered any pure choices that maintain as much as that problem but, however for work days and the like, that is the very best. — Isabelle, Managing Editor

Lavender deodorant from Primally Pure

What’s to Love: Everything about this! The scent is beautiful (however refined)—and it truly works. It’s my holy grail. They use tallow from grass-fed cows and the lavender important oil helps calm irritation from potential ingrown hairs. It’s soothing and efficient. 

What‘s Not to Love: Sometimes in the summertime months, I have to reapply earlier than a late-afternoon park journey with my toddler or a sweaty night stroll. But within the winter, making use of as soon as per day is sufficient! *Granted our local weather is dry in Colorado.* — Edie, Wellness Editor

Milk and Honey Baking Soda Free

What’s to Love: Baking Soda-free deodorant that really works? Sign me up. I’ve been utilizing Milk and Honey for the previous 12 months and it’s my favourite possibility for long-lasting safety. The scents aren’t too overpowering and so they simply work, even throughout humid summer time days on the lake.

What’s Not to Love: I do must watch out when carrying black as they do depart a white solid behind. Suruchi, Food Editor

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant

What’s to Love: Literally all the things: texture, odor (I take advantage of the blue one), fast dry with no residue, and it truly works.

What’s Not to Love: Nothing. — Langa

Hey Humans Rosewater Ginger Aluminum Free Women’s Deodorant

What’s to Love: The perfume choices are good, it’s obtainable at shops like Target and H-E-B (I’m at all times a last-min deodorant purchaser so I hardly ever have time to order from a DTC), it’s reasonably priced, and most significantly—I’m not sweating or smelling. So far… it’s been a couple of months.

What’s Not to Love: The packaging is horrible. I ended up throwing away the highest half of the tube as a result of it was driving me loopy. Attempting to be extra mild when closing my latest tube however I’m irritated I even must strive. Brittany, Content Marketing Director

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