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This Easy Fennel Salad Is the Perfect Summer Side

This Easy Fennel Salad Is the Perfect Summer Side

Contrary to standard perception, there are literally a number of meals I don’t love. But my philosophy is that I can study to like nearly something—with the proper preparation. And no recipe makes that clearer than this fennel salad. Back in the spring, our staff joined the founders of Wonder Valley (our favourite for olive oil and a lot extra) for a dinner in the desert. Somewhere alongside the dialog as we prepped dinner, we began speaking about the components we don’t like. I in a short time stated olives, simply as Alison was setting out an attractive olive salsa verde. Oops!

Luckily, I shortly recovered from my foot-in-mouth fake pas and we continued the dialog throughout the automotive journey house. Another ingredient on my hit listing? Fennel. Something about its licorice chew simply hasn’t jived with me earlier than. But this declaration was obtained with numerous shock. No one appeared to know why I wasn’t a fan.

The Fennel Salad That Changed It All

Just a few weeks later, I discovered myself in London at Kuro Eatery craving a salad alongside the honey and cheese flatbread I ordered. Lo and behold, the only option available was a fennel salad. Call it fate, but it was like the universe saying that my stake in the ground against fennel needed to be uprooted.

So, I ordered it, proceeded to devour it, and asked the waiter for all the deets so I could re-create it at home. And that’s how we’ve ended up here, with a former fennel hater transformed by this easy, fresh, and delicious fennel salad.

Ingredients for This Fennel Salad

This fennel salad boasts a light ingredient list, so be sure to choose the freshest herbs and best-quality ingredients to make everything extra delicious.

How to Prepare This Fennel Salad

While a easy recipe, there are a number of ideas and methods to make this additional simple—and delish.

  1. Use a mandolin for the fennel. Keep the prime of the fennel bulb on. This will provide you with a protected piece to carry onto as you’re working the fennel over the mandolin blade. (Always keep in mind to be additional cautious utilizing a mandolin!) If you don’t have one, I might advocate utilizing a vegetable peeler over a knife to get as skinny of items as doable.
  2. Less is extra, aside from with regards to herbs. I’m famously not a fan of greens-based salads. I might nearly at all times somewhat use a mattress of herbs as my greens than a bowl of spinach. The fennel is absolutely to create some heft and texture, however the herbs add that additional little bit of ruffage and taste. The savoriness of the cilantro, the freshness of the dill, and the slight candy fragrant taste of the mint steadiness one another out fantastically. I undoubtedly advocate utilizing all three.
  3. Freshly grind your pepper. I’ll at all times preach that freshly floor spices make a world of distinction in taste.
  4. Wait to salt at the finish. Like including salt to any vegetable, doing so with the fennel will draw out numerous water. I like to recommend ready to salt till you’re able to serve since the lime already provides loads of liquid to this salad.

How to Customize This Fennel Salad

While I believe the simplicity of this slaw is what makes it good, there are many methods you could customise or add to it to make it your personal.


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