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What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

Imagine this: You get into mattress after an extended day when all of a sudden you’re feeling an intense wave of warmth come over your physique. Your coronary heart fee is speedy and pores and skin flushed, and sweat accumulates in your head, neck, and face. If this sounds acquainted, you could be experiencing a sizzling flash.

“Hot flashes are a standard symptom skilled by many ladies throughout menopause, and they’re characterised by sudden and intense emotions of warmth that unfold all through the physique, inflicting sweating, flushing, and a speedy heartbeat,” says Sarah de la Torre, MD, an ob-gyn and medical adviser at Joylux, an intimate wellness firm that makes a speciality of menopause schooling and care.

Everyone is totally different, however sizzling flashes are primarily brought on by hormonal adjustments within the physique, mostly related to menopause, says Molly McBride, MD, an ob-gyn at Elite Gynecology. It’s not precisely clear how and/or why hormonal adjustments trigger sizzling flashes, however the Mayo Clinic suggests they’re resulting from a lower in estrogen. That mentioned, hormonal imbalances can even happen resulting from medical circumstances corresponding to diabetes and thyroid issues; infections like urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, and HIV; and sure most cancers remedies, which can additionally set off sizzling flashes, Dr. McBride provides.

Hot flashes can occur to anybody, however they’re mostly skilled by ladies, significantly those that are going by way of menopause or perimenopause (the transitional interval main as much as menopause), Dr. McBride says. In reality, 75 to 80 percent of women in the United States experience hot flashes, she provides.

But what do sizzling flashes really really feel like within the first place? POPSUGAR talked with consultants to search out out every thing you might want to find out about these pesky sweats.

What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

During a sizzling flash, you could really feel a sudden wave of warmth that spreads all through your physique, significantly in your face and chest, Dr. McBride says. “You might also expertise a sensation of strain or heat in your head, neck, or ears, and a few folks describe feeling a chill instantly after the new flash subsides,” she explains.

That mentioned, sizzling flashes can differ in depth and length. Some folks describe the sensation as a sudden wave of heat that begins on the chest and spreads upward to the neck, face, and scalp, whereas others describe it as a sudden feeling of heat that begins on the head and spreads downward, Dr. de la Torre explains. “During a sizzling flash, the pores and skin could develop into crimson and flushed, and sweating could happen, significantly on the higher physique, and a few folks might also expertise a speedy heartbeat, palpitations, or a sense of hysteria or panic.”

How Long Do Hot Flashes Last?

The length of sizzling flashes varies with every particular person, however they sometimes final anyplace from just a few seconds to a number of minutes, Dr. de la Torre says. They can even differ from one episode to the subsequent and may happen often or a number of instances a day, she provides. “The length and frequency of sizzling flashes can differ relying on components corresponding to an individual’s age, hormone ranges, and general well being, however for ladies going by way of menopause, sizzling flashes can final for a number of years however sometimes develop into much less frequent and fewer extreme over time.”

Why Are Hot Flashes Worse at Night?

Hot flashes can occur at any time, however they’re significantly worse at evening as a result of the physique’s pure temperature regulation system adjustments throughout sleep, and the physique’s core temperature barely drops, Dr. de la Torre says. As a outcome, this drop in temperature can set off a sizzling flash because the physique tries to compensate for the change, she explains.

Additionally, when an individual is mendacity down, blood stream to the pores and skin will increase, which might trigger a sensation of heat and induce a sizzling flash, Dr. de la Torre says. Plus, nighttime sizzling flashes will also be exacerbated by different components, corresponding to sporting tight clothes, having a heat room temperature, consuming spicy meals earlier than bedtime, or ingesting alcohol or caffeine, as a result of these all naturally improve the physique’s temperature, Dr. McBride explains.

Can Hot Flashes Happen in Your 20s?

It’s unlikely to expertise sizzling flashes in your 20s since they’re generally related to menopause (which usually happens in ladies between 45 and 55 years previous), however they’ll happen in youthful ladies. “For ladies of their 20s, sizzling flashes are sometimes related to hormonal adjustments, corresponding to people who happen in the course of the menstrual cycle or being pregnant,” Dr. de la Torre explains. “During the menstrual cycle, sizzling flashes can happen resulting from fluctuations in estrogen ranges, significantly in the course of the perimenstrual interval, and girls who expertise irregular intervals or have hormonal imbalances could also be extra susceptible to sizzling flashes throughout their 20s.”

Pregnancy can even trigger sizzling flashes in some ladies, significantly in the course of the first trimester when hormonal adjustments are occurring, Dr. de la Torre says.

Hot flashes in your 20s might also happen should you take antidepressants or blood-pressure treatment or have underlying medical circumstances corresponding to diabetes and thyroid problems, Dr. McBride explains. Stress and anxiousness might also be the offender, she provides.

How to Stop Hot Flashes Fast

Hot flashes can really feel uncomfortable, insufferable, and typically even embarrassing. But there are just a few strategies consultants recommend with regards to stopping sizzling flashes quick.

  • Dress in layers: Wearing clothes made from pure fibers, like cotton, will enable your pores and skin to breathe, Dr. de la Torre says. This will not essentially cease a sizzling flash, however dressing in layers will make it so you may simply take away a layer while you really feel a sizzling flash approaching.
  • Stay cool: Keep the temperature of your property snug and funky, and use followers or air-con if vital. Dr. de la Torre’s different go-to advice is a cooling product that can be worn directly on the skin to ship focused aid and take in warmth.
  • Practice leisure methods: Stress and anxiousness can set off sizzling flashes, so attempt leisure methods like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, guided respiratory, and even strolling to assist handle stress, Dr. McBride says.
  • Avoid triggers: Identify and keep away from triggers that may trigger sizzling flashes corresponding to spicy meals, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking, Dr. de la Torre says.
  • Consider hormone substitute remedy (HRT): If your sizzling flashes are extreme, HRT may be an efficient therapy, Dr. de la Torre says. That mentioned, it does include potential dangers and unintended effects, so at all times discuss to your physician to debate whether or not it is a wholesome possibility for you.

Ultimately, in case your sizzling flashes are impacting your high quality of life, discuss to a healthcare supplier who can assess your particular state of affairs and supply the very best advice for managing and treating these sweats.

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