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Why Does My Butt Itch? 13 Reasons For Anal Itching

Why Does My Butt Itch? 13 Reasons For Anal Itching

When it involves well being and wellness, not all the pieces is glamorous. In reality, a few of it may be downright annoying and uncomfortable, particularly when it includes your bum and nether areas. But let’s be trustworthy, in case you’re googling “why does my butt itch?!,” you doubtless need a solution and reduction ASAP.

“An itchy butt could really feel sore, tender, or painful, and the affected space could seem like crimson, swollen, and irritated,” says Jeffery Tun, MD, a primary-care doctor at New York Medicine Doctors. “The pores and skin might also seem like dry or flaky, and in extreme instances, there could also be cracking or bleeding across the affected space,” he provides.

And imagine it or not, pruritus ani, or anal itching, is a high purpose for a go to to a dermatologist, says Faranak Kamangar, MD, a dermatologist, division chair at Dermatology at Sutter Health Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and founding father of PSO Telehealth. “As with any a part of the pores and skin, if there’s itching, scratching will worsen it,” she explains. “Avoid scratching the world, as it could introduce micro organism and trigger an itch-scratch cycle that turns into more durable to deal with.”

Another professional tip for minimizing an itchy butt? Avoid wipes or scented soaps and merchandise, Dr. Kamangar says. It’s additionally greatest to follow good hygiene (contemporary underwear and frequent bathing), keep away from tight-fitting clothes, and keep a nutritious diet and life-style, Dr. Tun provides.

All that stated, an irritated tush or itchy anus occurs, and doable therapy relies on the foundation trigger. Ahead, medical doctors weigh in on the 13 most typical causes your butt has been so itchy.

Why Does My Butt Itch?

An itchy butt may be triggered by quite a few issues, from eczema to meals irritants to sexually transmitted infections. The accompanying signs can inform you a large number about what’s inflicting the itch, although. Read on to grasp extra about what’s inflicting your itchy butt and when to contact a health care provider.


Eczema may cause excessive discomfort across the butt space and is characterised by dry, crimson, and itchy patches of pores and skin, Dr. Tun says. Other signs could embrace scaling, crusting, and oozing, he explains.

If you have by no means had eczema earlier than, speak along with your physician to allow them to do a pores and skin patch check to diagnose the particular trigger. From there, a doctor could counsel particular moisturizers or medicated lotions to restore the pores and skin and calm the itching, per the Mayo Clinic.


Psoriasis is one other pores and skin situation that may trigger itchy and painful patches in your butt, Dr. Tun says. “It is attributable to an overactive immune system and may end up in silvery scales and crimson patches on the pores and skin,” he explains. The itchy situation additionally tends to undergo cycles and is mostly discovered on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp, according to the Mayo Clinic.

If you observed your itching is because of psoriasis, a health care provider can biopsy the pores and skin to rule out different pores and skin problems after which prescribe ointments, lotions, or oral or injectable medicines.

Chemical Irritants

One of the commonest causes for an itchy bum is from chemical irritants present in wipes, Dr. Kamangar says. While rising in reputation, wipes typically include chemical substances that may irritate the delicate space and kind an allergy, she explains.

In the identical vein, harsh soaps, bubble baths, and detergents can even trigger irritation as a consequence of chemical substances, Dr. Tun says. So in case you’ve lately added a brand new product to your rest room or hygiene routine, cease use instantly and see if the itching subsides. If signs persist, schedule a go to along with your physician.


A sweaty bottom is typically unavoidable, however it might be the wrongdoer behind your itch, Dr. Kamangar says. In reality, sweat-induced itch is particularly widespread in case you’re carrying tight clothes like shorts or leggings for an prolonged time. When this occurs, the moisture turns into trapped, which units up the proper surroundings for micro organism and germs to thrive, generally even inflicting an an infection, she explains.

To reduce the discomfort, go for free clothes or breathable, cotton underwear, and at all times bathe or change garments after understanding, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Food Irritants

Certain meals can result in gastrointestinal issues, resembling diarrhea, which might result in irritation and itching across the butt space, Dr. Tun says. In specific, spicy meals, espresso, tea, milk, chocolate, and alcohol can irritate the anus and trigger itching, according to Harvard Health. If you discover your butt is further itchy after consuming sure meals, strive an elimination food plan or speak along with your physician.

Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are tiny tears across the anus which can be attributable to constipation, diarrhea, or childbirth and lead to itching and/or ache across the butt, Dr. Tun says. Additionally, in case your discomfort will get worse throughout a bowel motion, this can be an indication of anal fissures.

Most anal fissures get higher with easy therapy resembling elevated fiber consumption or soaking in a heat bathtub, but when your signs persist, a health care provider could prescribe prescription treatment or, sometimes, surgical procedure, according to the Mayo Clinic.


In distinction to anal fissures, your itching could also be attributable to hemorrhoids, that are swollen veins across the anus typically attributable to strain on the rectum from diarrhea, continual constipation, or straining to poop, Dr. Tun says.

Hemorrhoids are additionally pretty widespread, contemplating that three out of 4 adults will expertise them every so often, per the Mayo Clinic. If you do have a hemorrhoid, a health care provider will look at the world for uncommon growths and prescribe the suitable therapy. In the meantime, a high-fiber food plan, over-the-counter topical therapies (together with hemorrhoid cream or suppositories), heat baths, and/or oral ache relievers can even assist handle signs.


It could skeeve you out, however pinworms are tiny parasites that stay within the intestines and lay eggs across the anus, Dr. Tun says. People typically get contaminated by person-to-person contact or touching an contaminated space, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you expertise excessive rectal itching that always results in problem sleeping, go to your physician. From there, the CDC suggests two doses of treatment that might be given two weeks aside to stop reinfection.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexually transmitted infections are extra widespread than chances are you’ll suppose, with 374 million STIs occurring every year worldwide, according to the Cleveland Clinic. A slew of signs can include an STI analysis like ache with intercourse, genital warts, genital swelling, vaginal bleeding, and foul discharge, however anal itching is one other widespread signal, Dr. Tun says.

If you observed an STI, go to a healthcare supplier or clinic for a bodily examination and STI testing. If the analysis is optimistic, chances are you’ll be given oral or injectable antibiotics or antivirals, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Chronic Disease

“Certain medical situations resembling diabetes and kidney illness may cause itching within the butt space on account of elevated sugar ranges within the blood,” Dr. Tun says. Liver illness can even trigger itching because of the buildup of bile acids, he provides. If you may have a recognized continual illness or ongoing medical situation, speak along with your physician a couple of particular therapy plan to mitigate signs.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are attributable to an overgrowth of fungus and may end up in itching, redness, and discharge, Dr. Tun says. More particularly, the an infection is attributable to candida, which thrives in heat, moist environments like your anus or vagina, per the Mayo Clinic.

Aside from an itchy anus, you might also expertise a burning sensation throughout intercourse or whereas urinating, redness or swelling of the vulva, and thick, white discharge. Visit your physician in case you current yeast an infection signs, and they’ll carry out an exterior and inside examination earlier than prescribing the suitable therapy.

Lichen Sclerosus

It’s much less widespread, however Dr. Kamangar says lichen sclerosus may cause an itchy butt. The long-term pores and skin situation is most typical in postmenopausal ladies older than 50 and causes the pores and skin to change into skinny, white, and wrinkly, she explains. The situation typically runs in households, and it might be triggered by issues along with your immune system, hormonal imbalances, or previous pores and skin harm, according to Cedars Sinai. Lichen sclerosus isn’t contagious, however it may be very uncomfortable, so speak along with your physician to debate therapy in case you current signs.

Anal Cancer

It’s uncommon, however anal itching is usually a symptom of extra severe situations like anal most cancers, Dr. Tun says. Because of this, it is necessary to hunt medical consideration if the itching persists for longer than two weeks or is accompanied by different signs resembling swelling or bleeding, he explains.

The Bottom Line

An itchy butt may be a particularly uncomfortable and ugly expertise, however there isn’t a must be embarrassed. If your itching persists for greater than two weeks or if there’s swelling, ache, rash, or bleeding within the space, Dr. Tun says it is time to go to your physician. Additionally, in case your signs worsen or are extreme sufficient to intervene with each day life or sleep, Dr. Kamangar recommends checking in with a healthcare supplier.

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